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Loan Modification

Kajtoch Law Corporation offers legal assistance to struggling homeowners with a loan modification. We will assist you in supplying the appropriate information to your lender(s) to negotiate the appropriate measure to modify the term(s) of your mortgage. Our experienced loan modification staff will apply proven strategies in order to secure a fair and beneficial loan modification from your lender. This could lower your payments, decrease the interest rate, extend the term of the loan resulting in smaller payments, or possibly lower the principal balance.

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Benefits are governed by a complex set of rules and regulations. An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help you understand the ins and outs of the system and ensure that you secure the right benefits. Reach out to us today!

Social security disability claim on a wooden table.


At the Kajtoch Law Corporation, we provide legal services in every aspect of the U.S. Immigration Law—immigrant and non-immigrant visas, corporate and business immigration, extension and change of status, lawful Permanent Residence (Green Card), deportation and removal defense, and naturalization.

James Frank Kajtoch

Medical Malpractice and Negligence

If you are a victim of medical malpractice or an unintentional medical error, you are entitled to compensation. Even a misdiagnosis and a breach of consent come under medical malpractice and negligence. Every aspect of your life is important, and with help from the Kajtoch Law Corporation, you can get the justice you deserve.

Medical malpractice report and stethoscope.
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