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Escape The Foreclosure Nightmare And Save Your Family Home From Greedy Lenders

Are you facing foreclosure? Then this could be the most important thing you will ever read. I’m a Certified Foreclosure Expert with Exp Commercial where we help California residents stop foreclosure and save their homes.

Foreclosure is a nightmare – it can end marriages, tear families apart and leave you stranded with no place to go. My team and I can help you escape that nightmare. We’ll implement a foolproof plan of action which gets the greedy bank off your back and allows you to keep your home forever.

Give Yourself Some Breathing Space So You Can Get Your Life Back On Track

If you are like many Americans facing foreclosure due to a temporary hardship, maybe you lost your job, suffered a serious illness, or simply fell behind due to Covid 19, Life can be difficult and sometimes it leaves you unprepared.

While the bank might not understand this, we do. You won’t receive any judgment when you deal with us. We simply focus on how to solve your problem, give you some breathing space and keep a roof over your head – so you have time to get your life back on track.

Stop Foreclosure And Save Your Family Home
From The Greedy Bank

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Don’t Panic… These 5 Steps will Guarantee You’ll Win


You’ll be shocked how many wolves dressed as sheep try to take advantage of your desperate plight just to make a few quick bucks at the expense of you and your family.


Don’t give up on your family home just yet – this simple strategy could turn things around and let you keep everything you’ve worked so hard to build!


How the five largest banks settled 80 billion dollars for unfair mortgage practices and how much of it will go to struggling California Homeowners.


The second you receive your notice of foreclosure you must take immediate action – this one technique can Stop the Foreclosure in its Tracks and save your home from the bank!


Foreclosure is not only frightening, it’s incredibly confusing! We’ll reveal exactly how the process works and – most importantly – how you can fight it!
Stop Foreclosure And Save Your Family Home
From The Greedy Bank

Lower Your Mortgage Payments So You Never Have To Face Foreclosure Again

Everyone’s situation is different, which is why we tailor an approach to meet your specific needs. We’ll assess your individual situation, organize the required paperwork, help restructure your loan and make sure it’s approved by the bank. This will ensure your new mortgage payments are more affordable so you never face foreclosure again.

If you’re unable to make the required payments and instead choose to sell your home in a short sale, we’ll help you make the sale and get you up to $25,000 relocation assistance, free of charge. You’ll receive the best possible outcome, regardless of your circumstances.

Beware Of Heartless Con Artists Who Will Prey On Your Desperate Situation For Their Personal Gain

Sadly, there are many criminals out there who will try and take advantage of your vulnerable position if you’re not careful. The moment you receive your notice of default, it becomes public record. That’s when the vultures line up to prey on you.

These dishonest scammers will try anything to benefit from your pain. Some will knock on your door and falsely claim to be representatives from your bank. Others will impersonate experts offering to help but insist on charging a fee up front which is completely illegal. Some might even persuade you to sign your home over to them. We can help you steer clear of these scams and protect your family home from predators.

Foreclosure Will Completely Destroy Your Credit Rating And Could Ruin Your Life For A Decade

If the bank forecloses on your home, you will not only lose your house, but your credit rating will be severely affected. Foreclosure stays on your credit report for 7-10 years, making it incredibly difficult to borrow money. Forget about buying another house – you will struggle just to get a credit card approved.

The worst part is there is nothing you can do to reverse your terrible rating. The best course of action is to do something about it right now – before your situation spirals completely out of control.

Confused By The Foreclosure Process?
We’ll Guide You Every Step Of The Way

With so much conflicting information available, navigating the foreclosure process can be complicated. To make things clearer for you, here’s a quick outline:

Once your lender files a notice of default, you have 90 days to pay your mortgage current, or your bank will post a notice of trustee sale on your front door. From here, you have an additional 21 days to bring your mortgage current or your home goes to auction. The bottom line? The longer you wait to take action, the worse it gets. Get in touch with us now and give yourself the best chance of saving your home.

What our clients say

Melissa Oberster

I would like to tell you a little bit about my story and shed light on an amazing person named Diane Cassidy! In the beginning of 2020 I was fighting a battle with my mortgage company, and unfair battle over the home that I inherited from my late father. You said this wasn’t just any ordinary house, this was the house that I was raised in by my parents since I was in sixth grade, I am now 43 years old, and my family is not living in my home that I grew up in! The value of my home is priceless, and the thought of losing it was devastating! We were the victim of an attempted wrongful foreclosure that was completely against my legal rights with a fraudulent mortgage company on a mission to take our home!

I sought out legal assistance from anyone I could find that I though could possibly help me save our home? I was fearful but our home was almost good as gone and as God would have it, Diane Cassidy was sent our way! I’ve never experienced such personalize and carrying service ever from an individual legally. Dianne quickly became more than just someone who was helping me save our home but a friend! She took the time to get to know the history of my home and how I inherited from my late father who died of cancer, and the many memories and history of our home snd fought hard for us to keep our home!!!

Against many odds that the mortgage company attempted Diane Cassidy and her staff at the company where she worked for, worked long, hard, and fast to stop the mortgage company in their tracks and stop the wrongful foreclosure in a miraculous short amount of time!

We were in tears of joy, my memories weren’t going to be stolen from me, and my family still was going to be able to keep her home that my father passed down to us! With all of the help, love, kindness, and hard work that Diane Cassidy put into helping my family I will be forever indebted, and I will continue to refer her to anyone in need of the same legal assistance.

Diane was professional yet down to earth and more than competent when it came to preserving, protecting the interest of our home, and saving it! She went above and beyond the line of duty to make us feel safe, cared for, and in good hands with confidence and reassurance that she would do all she could do to save my family’s home…and that’s exactly what she did!

Dyanne still continues to service me, check up on me, and help me with whatever I need to in regards to the continual process of my home and our future needs I may have with it! I will refer her to anyone I know as I go along, as she is the cream of the crop when it comes to wrongful foreclosure assistance!

I’ve attached our family and a picture of my dad and I that left my family home to us! Thank you Diane for all you’ve done for us, we appreciate you so much!

Melissa Oberster, Independent Sales Director

Ed Palmer

Hi, I meant Diana back in 2010!! At that time, I was with another agency, supposedly helping me and my mother! We were going through all kinds of issues with our mortgage! We kept getting sold from bank to bank! We ended up being sold off to 5 different banks and ending up with Wells Fargo!

My mom had retired! Her health took a turn for the worst!!! Then the Boeing Co. Who I worked for, transferred me to an out of state site in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to work in order to keep my job, of 20 yrs!! The agency I hired, to help me was just taking my money!!! I fell behind on my mortgage!!

Diana came in and took control!! the only thing she ever asked me to do, was to trust her, I did!

As we went through this process, we are 3000 miles apart and Philly was having one of the largest winter snow storms in decades, working these issues. Transfering info back and forth, through emails, faxes and cell phone!! A lot of the time I had to send her faxes so I was driving in the snow! As I drove in the snow, Diane talked to me on the phone and kept me calm, in that storm as I drove to fax the info she needed!

When it was all done She had got my mother and I, all straight with a new loan with a nice interest rate!!! Know my mother has passed away! Diane now is helping me again get everything in my name! Through all this Diane has become family, she is my sister! Diane does this job with Love!!! She loves all her clients and gives them the best!!

I love my Sister!!!

Ed Palmer

Lance M.

I found myself in a complex legal / financial situation and needed help. I had already gone through several “Experts”. I felt hopeless. When Diane took my case I quickly came to realize she had the deep legal / financial expertise others lacked. With Diane I was able to have a successful and full resolution of the issue for me and my family. During this process I found that Diane really cared deeply about my situation. Without Diane I would have lost my home and would have lost approximately $500,000 in equity! I can without hesitation give Diane a solid five star endorsement and full recommendation. I trust her 100 percent and If there is any other loss mitigation I ever experience in my life, I would reach out to Diane in a heartbeat. We still stay in contact and have for many years. I am truly grateful for her efforts on our behalf. Diane is truly a blessing.

Lance M.

Nancy Z

I would just like to share my experience with Diane Cassidy and how she saved my home. We were on the brink of losing our home when my friend recommended Diane. I felt immediately confident in her after we spoke and felt hopeful that she could save our home. The program she got us in was very beneficial with great interest and a bonus when we paid on time. Our home is now safe and we don’t have to worry about losing it.

Sam and I are so grateful and smile when we talk about and recommend to friends in need. If you need help with your home Diane is the person you want to use, there will be no regrets.

Nancy Z
  • Your time is running out!

Free 20-Minute No Obligation “Save Your Home” Strategy Consultation

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Stop Foreclosure And Save Your Family Home
From The Greedy Bank
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