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Estate Planning

Who will inherit your assets when you pass on? Let the Kajtoch Law Corporation assist you in planning for your future. We can help determine whether a will or a living trust would be more beneficial and help you navigate through the confusing web of estate taxes. We can help keep what is yours within the parameters you set.

Do you want to create a trust and need assistance with the timeline and pre-planning to eliminate sibling rivalry? You can get help from the Kajtoch Law Corporation Payment is made at the signing of half the fees from the time you get the paperwork, with the remaining due upon the completion of the trust. After signing, you will receive a draft within one week.

Wills and Trusts

The decisions you make today regarding your last will and testament will make your loved ones’ lives easier tomorrow.

Your will is a legal document that provides instructions for distributing all of your possessions after your death. An executor—whom you have named—files a death certificate and petitions the probate court to begin the probate process. Your executor is authorized to make decisions with court oversight and distribute assets according to your wishes as you have laid them out in your will. Your executor resolves disputes that may arise concerning the distribution of your assets. Even with a will, the probate process can be expensive and take many months to complete. You can get help from our attorneys to discuss if a will is the best solution for your circumstances or whether you should consider a living trust.

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A Living Trust

A living trust is an alternative to a will with the major advantage of avoiding lengthy and expensive probate processes. A living trust transfers your possessions into a trust during your lifetime. After your death, ownership of your property is passed on to your beneficiaries by the trustee. The living trust permits the transfer of your possessions to beneficiaries without the need for lawyer’s fees or court filings. Unlike a will, the terms of a living trust can be kept completely private. There may be circumstances where you choose not to transfer certain property into the living trust. In those cases, you will need a will to assign those specific possessions to the beneficiaries you designate. Speak with our attorney to learn more about the advantages of a living trust.
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Living Wills

A living will—also known as an advanced healthcare directive to physicians—is a legal directive that allows your wishes to determine your end-of-life care. It is used if you are unable to communicate with loved ones or physicians. It enables you to issue “do not resuscitate (DNR)” orders to physicians in circumstances where you will not be able to go back to wellness. You can also use a living will to inform caregivers that you want your physician to administer palliative care—to ease pain and suffering—under the circumstance where you cannot communicate that to a physician. The Kajtoch Law Corporation can help you with the legal proceedings of writing a living will.

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Healthcare Directives

An advanced healthcare directive is a document that specifies what should be done for a person’s healthcare if they are no longer capable of making decisions for themselves. It is critical that you have a health care directive in place. If you become unable to make decisions for yourself, you want your family to know what your wishes are so that they can take the necessary actions to ensure you receive the care you require. The Kajtoch Law Corporation can assist you with the drafting of a healthcare directive.
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HIPAA Waivers

HIPAA Waiver allows a third party to use or disclose an individual’s health information. Having a HIPAA Waiver document helps the third party to use your health information to give you the best medical assistance required if you are not in a condition to do so yourself. A HIPAA Waiver will also allow a doctor to disclose your health information with researchers, attorneys, family members, and other doctors. Get in touch to know how the Kajtoch Law Corporation can assist you in drafting HIPAA Waiver to your benefit.
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Probate Matters

Have you been named the executor of an estate, also known as a “personal representative”? As an executor, you will have to settle the affairs of the deceased individual, usually under the supervision of the court. You don’t just transfer belongings and assets to the deceased person’s beneficiaries; you’ll also have to settle the deceased person’s debts. A decedent’s estate is inventoried, outstanding debts are paid, and beneficiaries of the estate are verified. Then, the net assets from the estate are distributed. Many people pass away “intestate,” meaning without a will. In those cases, the probate court appoints someone to decide how to allocate their cash, assets, and other property. Even those with a will come under probate court jurisdiction and have their inventory and distribution of possessions overseen by the probate court. This process can be straightforward or complicated, but even a small estate can appear daunting if you’ve never gone through the probate process before. Kajtoch Law Corporation can provide you with the necessary guidance and representation to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are honored.

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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on behalf of someone in personal, business, or legal matters. Lawyers specializing in drafting Power of Attorney documents will ensure that the person you are entrusting decision-making authority is a good fit for your wishes and desires. When you grant someone the authority to make legal decisions on your behalf, you’ll want an experienced attorney to draft a document that will hold up in court if challenged. With the Kajtoch Law Corporation, you can simplify the process by getting advice on the powers that should be delegated, assistance choosing the agent, and help to inform the agent of their obligations and responsibilities.

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Property Transfers

Do you need to transfer or modify real estate ownership between parties and entities? An attorney from the Kajtoch Law Corporation can ensure that your transaction is done correctly and on schedule, with the appropriate deeds and transfer documentation. Contact our law company today to learn more about our property transfer service.
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Healthcare Directives

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you become disabled or unable to make your own medical decisions? You’re not alone. Many people have strong feelings about end-of-life options like organ donation and artificial life support. All 50 states have legislation that allows residents to create “advance directives” in such instances.
Advance directives, often known as “healthcare directives,” allow you to make decisions regarding potential medical and end-of-life treatments. Advance directives also allow you to choose a healthcare proxy to make decisions on your behalf. James F. Kajtoch, Esq. can offer legal assistance on healthcare directives and guide you through the process.

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Trust Administration

As your trust administrator, we will be in charge of the assets in your trust. We will act as your trust administrator to distribute the assets according to your will after aiding you with the legal procedures regarding property ownership and supporting you in establishing your trust. Get in touch with the Kajtoch Law Corporation to know how you can secure your assets.

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